Knockout Down to the Final 18

 Big stack Alex Lavinthal

Big stack Alex Lavinthal

$235 NLH Knockout

It looked like hand-for-hand was about to begin in the Knockout event. With 21 players left, it was time to go to hand-for-hand, but someone busted before hand-for-hand could commence, so it was over before it even started.

Minutes later, the field was down to 18. The two big stacks appear to be Team Run It Up's Alex Laventhal, who is sitting on 355,000, and Gus Pasquella, who has around 330,000. Albert Ng, Max Brown, and Vanessa Kade are some of the other players still alive in this event.

The group has about another level to play before they go on dinner break at 6:55 pm.