Kade and Lavinthal Survive as the Bubble Looms

$235 NLH Knockout
Entries: 202
Remaining: 22

The bubble is just around the corner and some people are looking to squeak through, but others are going for gold and getting it in to run up a stack. 

Ladies for Lavinthal
Alex Lavinthal raised to 25,000 from under the gun, and the player to his immediate left moved all in for his remaining 65,000. The player on the button moved all in over the top, having Lavinthal covered, but that didn't matter because he snap-called. 

Lavinthal tabled [qsqd] while his neighbor showed [9h9c] and the button revealed [adtc]. The board ran out [jh8h4c4d7s] and Lavinthal secured a knockout plus more than a full double up. It's been quite a run for Lavinthal, as he was down to just one and a half big blinds just a couple of hours ago. 

 Vanessa Kade

Vanessa Kade

Kade Dodges the KO
The player in the cutoff shoved his fairly sizable stack in the middle and Vanessa Kade called for 80,500 from the small blind. 

Kade: [ahkh]
Opponent: [as7s]

The flop came [5c3c2s], keeping Kade in the lead with ace-king high but giving her opponent outs to make a straight and chop. The turn was the [3d] and the river was the [6s], giving Kade the double up she was looking for.

Here's a look at some of the stacks remaining:

Jarod Minghini - 305.000
Alex Lavinthal - 285,000
Albert Ng - 200,000
Vanessa Kade - 180,000
Eddie Cybulski - 170,000
Gary 'The Captain' Tighe - 105,000
Melly Wang - 80,000
Max Brown - 55,000