Just Play! The Two Words That Led to Jason Daniele's RIU Trophy

Event #3 winner Jason Daniele

Event #3 winner Jason Daniele

Event #3 $125 All-in or Fold Event

Jason Daniele was not even going to play the All-in or Fold tournament. "it's not really style," he explained. But two words changed his mind:

"Just play."

We've all been there. Peer pressure can be a good thing though, especially when it comes to taking chances in poker. So now Daniele owes his girlfriend a big thank you for urging him to go out of his comfort zone and play the All-in or Fold event.

Daniele was one of 72 players in the $125 buy-in event with $50 rebuys. The tournament featured a $10,000 guarantee, but ended up generating a $12,450 prizepool thanks to a hefty amount of rebuys.

Once the rebuy period ended and the shovefest continued, players fell at a rapid rate before slowing at the money bubble. Once the bubble burst, action picked back up as players like Run It Up Admin Kevin Gerhard (11th) busted before the final table.

The final table action switched back to regular NLH, but the structure and the chip dispersion resulted in some action that was not all that different from the All-in or Fold play. Daniele had a commanding big stack, while the other five players all sat with short stacks. 

Eventually the group agreed to a save where Daniele took $2,000, the other five took $1,000, and they would play for additional payouts for the top three and, of course, the trophy.

The outspoken Eric Goldstein picked up the first chunk of extra cash for his third-place finish, leaving Daniele and Jordan Spirlun heads-up for the trophy. The two swapped the chip lead a couple of times, but Daniele managed to win consecutive all-ins to take the chip lead one hand, then take the title on the next.

On the final hand, Daniele and Spirlun got it all-in preflop with Daniele holding [JhTh] to Spirlun's [Ac6d]. The [JdTc3h] flop gave Daniele two pair, the [Ad] on the turn gave him a sweat, and the [5h] on the river gave him the title and an additional $2,000.

With a $4,000 payday, Daniele actually picked up an extra $85 over what the original first-place prize was supposed to be. He also earns a $600 Main Event seat for winning the Run It Up gear last longer.

So, if you find yourself unsure if you are going to hop in the action this week, think of Jason Daniele and remind yourself the right answer is: Just play!

Here are the full results from Event #3:

1st place: Jason Daniele - $4,000 + $600 Main Event seat
2nd place: Jordan Spirlun - $2,000
3rd place: Eric Goldstein - $1,590
4th place: Jon Honeycutt - $1,000
5th place: Scott Sommerdorf - $1,000
6th place: Chip Tutu - $1,000
7th place: Alex Lavinthal - $425
8th place: Marty Gorenc - $335
9th place: James Schoch - $275
10th place: Travis Downton - $275
11th place: Kevin Gerhart - $275
12th place: Ken Gibson - $275