Jon Honeycutt One-Outs the Chop on the River

 Jon Honeycutt

Jon Honeycutt

Event #3 $125 All-in or Fold

There are four players remaining in the All-in or Fold event, but that number could very easily be three were it not for one of the rougher beats in Run It Up history.

Eric Goldstein moved all in from the small blind, having Jon Honeycutt covered. Honeycutt thought about it in the big blind a bit before calling with [Ac4d]. Goldstein showed [Qc][Js].

The [7s6s5s] was great for Goldstein, as he flopped a flush draw to go with his live cards. It wasn't awful for Honeycutt though, as he had a straight draw.

The [9s] on the turn gave Goldstein his flush and the overwhelming advantage in the hand. The only way Honeycutt would survive is if the river was the [8s], putting a straight flush on the board.

Guess what? The river was the [8s] and Honeycutt staved off elimination with his river one-outer.

Since our last update, this event lost two more players:

5th place: Chip Tutu - $1,000
6th place: Scott Sommerdorf - $1,000