Jeff Chapman Finally Snags RIU Gold in Event 2 $125 6-Max PLO

Jeff Chapman

Jeff Chapman

Event 2 $125 6-Max PLO

Jeff Chapman has finally snagged the Run it Up trophy he's been hunting after making a few final tables in his career. Chapman defeated Andy Joros heads up after the final five players agreed to flatten the payouts. 

Joros and Chapman got it in before the flop, with Chapman holding [qhqctc7c] and Joros tabling [acjh8h2c]. The board ran out [ahqs6hjckc] and Chapman took it down with Broadway! Joros pocketed $1,400 for his deep run, and Chapman took home $1,535 plus the $600 Main Event seat for being the last RIU Warrior standing.

Chapman is from Tahoe and is a pit dealer at the Hard Rock. He says he loves playing poker, specifically 8-game, but doesn't get to play as often as he would like. He lives on the border of Nevada and California, so he plays on when he can. He says he dedicates this win to his son, Isaiah, who knows how to play hold'em and hopes to eventually teach him pot limit Omaha. Chapman is crushed that his friends and family arrive in Reno tomorrow and aren't here for his winners' photo, but will be using this win as motivation to win another tournament when everyone is around to celebrate!

This event brought in 90 entries, paying a total of 14 spots for a total prize pool of $9,000. Last year's winner, Jake Irvin, made the final table but couldn't hold on after exiting in sixth place. 

Play went rather quickly in this event, as expected, but as soon as everyone made the money, play tightened up. Adam Haman was the one to burst the bubble after getting it in with double-suited kings against his opponent's queens. Play continued on and Haman was eliminated in eighth place, just before the final table came together. 

The final table was a tough one, with multiple short stacks making a run at the title. Brian Robins was very short and made it far enough to enjoy the five-handed deal that was made. Joros was also short but battled back to take second. 

Some of the players who took a shot but didn't make it through included Team RIU's own Jason Somerville, Team RIU's Pete 'Ice3lade' Simm, Vanessa Kade, Albert Ng, Deb Swift, Jimmy Cappucci, Kevin Gerhart and Brent Harrington.

Here is a look at the final results for this event: 

1st place: Jeff Chapman - $1,535
2nd place: Andy Joros - $1,400
3rd place: Loren Watson - $1,150
4th place: Brian Robins - $1,150
5th place: Blake Vincent - $1,150
6th place: Jake Irvin - $435
7th place: Mike McGough - $355
8th place: Adam Haman - $355
9th place: Adam Johnson - $285
10th place: Baptiste Chavaillaz - $285
11th place: Michael Shaw - $225
12th place: Michael Lewis - $225
13th place: Ivan Z - $175
14th place: Stephen McAdams - $175

Jason Somerville and Jeff Chapman

Jason Somerville and Jeff Chapman