Jake Irvin is Eyeing Back-to-Back Wins

 Jake Irvin

Jake Irvin

Event 3 $125 6-Max PLO
Entries: 90
Remaining: 11

Jake Irvin took down the $125 6-Max PLO back in October for $1,929 and is close to winning the exact same event tonight. With 11 players remaining, Irvin is looking relaxed as he gets a massage and grinds his way to the final table. 

With 12 players remaining, Irvin got his remaining 35,000 in the middle from under the gun and got action from the big blind who had slightly less chips. 

Irvin: [askdqs7c]
Opponent: [ah8c5c4h]

The flop came [9s6s5d], giving Irvin the nut flush draw and his opponent a pair of fives. 

The turn was the [ts], making Irvin's flush and leaving his opponent drawing dead to the [4c] on the river. Irvin scooped the pot and sent his opponent to the rail in 12th place.