Event 3 Has a Deal...ish

Event #3 $125 All-in or Fold

"We have a deal...ish," Eric Goldstein proclaimed.

He is correct. The final six players agreed to a deal to divvy up some of the prize pool and then play for extra money for the top three finishers. Here is how things went:

Jason Daniele is the big chip leader at the moment, so he is going to get $2,000. Chip Tutu, Jon Honeycutt, Jordan Spurlin, Eric Goldstein, and Scott Sommerdorf are all getting $1,000.

There is still money and a trophy to play for though. Here is what is still up for grabs:

1st: $2,000
2nd: $1,000
3rd: $590

The final table did lose three players before the deal. Here are the latest payouts:

7th: Alex Lavinthal - $425
8th: Marty Gorenc - $335
9th: James Schoch - $275

Chip leader Jason Daniele

Chip leader Jason Daniele