Down to Three

 Gary 'The Captain' Tighe

Gary 'The Captain' Tighe

Event 1 $235 NLH Kickoff
Entries: 184
Players Remaining: 3

Eliminations have been quick at this final table and we are down to three! 

The top four players receive a free $600 seat into the Main Event, and the last Run it Up Warrior standing will also get an additional seat. The final four players are Ty Kohler (4th place - $2,800), Ryan Leonis, Hyde Sjogren and Eric Nelson. Congratulations! 

The three remaining players are all wearing RIU gear, so one of these players will be taking home two seats into the Main Event!

Ryan Leonis still leads and sits on 1,500,000 with Eric Nelson in second with 750,000 and Hyde Sjogren sits in third with 450,000.

Here's a look at the final table eliminations so far:

4th place: Ty Kohler - $2,800 + $600 Main Event Seat
5th place: Floyd Achtzehnter - $1,840
6th place: Gary 'The Captain' Tighe - $1,270
7th place: Kyle McCarthy - $960