Boston Rob Busted and in Search of Ashton Kutcher

Boston Rob Mariano

Boston Rob Mariano

You're under the gun with less than a big blind left pretty sure you're about to put the chips in the middle. Then you look down at your cards. It isn't pretty. Just ask Rob Mariano.

"I've got 500 under the gun and seven-dewey, what am I supposed to do?"

He folded, and the table assured him with his short stack and the bounty element, it was the right decision.

Then the flop came [7c7s2h].


The table erupted in laughter and Rob leapt out of his seat in shock.

"Are you for real? Is this real life?"

The table didn't answer, they just kept laughing,

Rob started looking around. "No, for real, where the fuck is the camera? Where is Ashton Kutcher, is he about to walk out?"

He didn't, so play continued. Rob was all-in in the big blind for his last 400 and hadn't looked at his cards. Action came down to Rob and Harry Corvese. Rob held [6s7h] and he was up against Corvese's [8dTs]. 

The flop came [Qd8h5d], giving Corvese middle pair and giving Rob an open-ended straight draw.

The [Td] on the turn improved Corvese to two pair and gavehim a diamond flush draw to boot.

The river was the [9d] and Rob briefly smiled when he realized he made his street, but the grin dissipated when he realized Corvese rivered a flush.

While he was not quite as surprised as when the previous flop came, he was still a little dismayed at the end result.

"What am I gonna do now? When does the next tournament start?"

Don't worry, Rob, you can hop in the Main Event satellite or go play some cash until the Triple Stud tournament gets underway at 5 pm.