And The There Were Two, Hyde Sjorgen Out in Third

Hyde Sjorgen - Third Place

Hyde Sjorgen - Third Place

Event #1 $235 NLH Kickoff

The three-handed battle went for a while without much action, but Hyde Sjogren was running low on chips when she shoved in the small blind for her last six big blinds or so and Ryan Leonis called in the big blind.

Leonis held [Ad][Jc] and Sjogren trailed with [Tc][6c]. The flop looked good for Sjogren, as it fell [Ts][7d][8h], but the [Ac] on the turn put Leonis back out front. The river was the [4s] and Sjogren had to settle for third place and a $4,410 payday. She also earned one of the four guaranteed seats into the Main Event later this week. She was in good spirits about the whole experience though.

"Hey, at least I don't have to pay taxes," she said with a smile, referring to the fact she cashed for shy of the $5,000-mark, so she does not have to declare her winnings.

The action is now heads-up between Leonis and Eric Nelson. Leonis holds 1.5 million to Nelson's 1.2 million.