6-Max, Four Cards and Money!

Event 2 $125 6-Max PLO
Entries: 90
Remaining: 14

The bubble has burst and Adam Haman is the man who made it happen. With hand-for-hand play initiated, all eyes were on the second table as Haman called his opponent's all in before the flop. 

Haman: [kskhjh6s]
Opponent: [qhqdtd6c]

The board ran out [th9c4cahjc] and Haman's kings held to bring the remaining players into the money.

We can also confirm that at least two of the remaining players did a min-cash dance. 

Here's another look at what these players are fighting for:

1st place: $2,300
2nd place: $1,585
3rd place: $1,150
4th place: $850
5th place: $600
6th place: $435
7th-8th place: $355
9th-10th place: $285
11th-12th place: $225
13th-14th place: $175