$125 6-Max Triple Stud Prizepool Info

Player are back from the dinner break and Stud Club seminar and registration in the Triple Stud is now closed. With the players gaining significant knowledge from the Seminar, the competition is sure to have gotten tougher. 

Run it Up Reno: $125 6-Max Triple Stud
Registration Closed

Total Entries: 101
Players Remaining: 82

Total Prizepool: $10,100
Places Paid: 15

1st place: $2,625
2nd place: $1,850
3rd place: $1,350
4th place: $950
5th place: $650
6th place: $450
7th-8th place: $350
9th-10th place: $280
11th-12th place: $220
13th-15th place: $175