Vincent Newland: "Too Rich to Fold"

Jason Somerville and Vincent Newland

Jason Somerville and Vincent Newland

Team Run it Up member, Vincent Newland, hopped in to this kickoff event late in the day and was seated to the immediate left of Jason Somerville. Rigged? We think so! 

After a short while, we walked over to see Newland jam all in from middle position after a raise from Somerville. It didn't take long for Somerville to do some math and call, revealing a flip. Newland tabled [5h5c] while Somerville held [ks9s]. The flop came [th7s3h], looking fairly safe for Newland. The [8c] on the turn gave Somerville a sweat with outs to make a straight, but the river was the [4c] and Newland doubled through. Newland ended up with 30,000 while Somerville dropped down to 10,000. 

Just a few hands later, Somerville was seen walking away from the table, only to reveal a smiling Newland stacking up chips. Newland informed us he got the rest of Somerville's short stack after he opened with queen-nine suited on the button, only to run into his pocket queens. 

Somerville hit the rail but has jumped back in to the tournament just before the close of registration. We weren't sure how Newland got this much action from Somerville - maybe because the bling on his finger indicates he's "too rich to fold"? His words, not ours. 

It's also interesting to note the last time Newland eliminated Somerville back in October, he went on to win the event. A sign for things to come? Keep following along to find out!