Prizepool in for Kickoff Event

Registration in the opening event is closed and the prizepool is up. The 184-entry field means a record prizepool of $36,800. The top 30 finishers make the money and the winner is taking home $9,680.

Don't forget to put on your Run It Up gear before the field hits the money so you can be eligible for the gear last longer. The winner in each event gets a free seat into the Main Event.

If you don't have gear, never fear. The store is on site and open for business, so there is still time to buy a shirt or hoodie and change up the outfit before the bubble.

Run it Up Reno Event #1: $235 NLH Kickoff
Registration Closed

Total Entries: 184
Players Remaining: 86

Total Prizepool: $36,800
Places Paid: 32

1st place: $9,680
2nd place: $6,450
3rd place: $4,410
4th place: $2,800
5th place: $1,840
6th place: $1,270
7th place: $960
8th place: $680
9th place: $550
10th place: $520
11th place: $500
12th place: $480
13th-16th place: $405
17th-24th place: $330
25th-32nd place: $300