More Than Last Year!

Event 2 $125 6-Max PLO

To nobody's surprise, this second event has now surpassed the number of entries from October's Run it up Reno!

At the last RIU Reno, event 2 $125 6-Max PLO reached a total of 77 entries, for a prize pool of $7,700. The winner was Jake Irvine, pocketing $1,929 for his win. He is still in the field today to chase back-to-back wins!

With late registration still available for another hour, entries are at 83 and will most definitely keep climbing. 

Aside from the defending champion, familiar faces in the field include Jason Somerville, Chip Tutu, Jesse Capps, Brent Harrington,  Vanessa Kade, Baptiste Chavaillaz, Deb Swift, Jimmy Cappucci, Albert Ng, and Kevin Gerhart.

The dinner break is looming, but keep following along as the tournament progresses!