Whatever Lula Wants, Lula Gets

Lula Taylor was all-in on a flop of [Qh][Th][3d]. It was bad news for Taylor, as her opponent had [Qd,Td] for top two pair, while she had [Jh][9h] for straight and flush draws.

Taylor was trailing with her draw, but she was not content to win this pot with a straight or a flush. She wanted a straight flush, so she proceeded calling for the eight of hearts.

The turn was the [7s], but the river brought exactly what she asked for--the [8h]. Taylor scooped the pot and thanked the dealer.

"I love you, Elijah," she gushed. The dealer needed some time to count through Taylor's 22,250-chip stack. "Yes, Elijah, keep counting!"

She was laughing about her good fortune and made a comment implying she didn't play the hand well considering she went all-in on a draw. 

Andrew Cha is quick to reassure her. "What are you even playing that hand for if not to [flop a big draw]?"

Taylor is not a member of Team RIU, but she is not a stranger to Run It Up Reno. She final tabled an event here last may. Taylor is one of several Peppermill locals who come out for this series. She and the Run It Up crew members, like two-time winner Cha, get along great though. It is an interesting combination, but the mix in these events is one that works to help generate a good prize pool and, more importantly, make sure everyone at the table, RIU or not, has an awesome time.

 Lula Taylor and andrew cha

Lula Taylor and andrew cha