Good vs. Evil, Jesse vs. Jesse

Event #3 $125 All-in or Fold

In the all-in or fold tournament, you have two decisions. All of it or none of it. Yes or no.

And there is another polarity, another battle of opposites:

The Battle of the Jesses.

At one table, it is more than just a battle of poker, it is a battle of dominance between friends, fellow RIU warrios, and name-sharers, Jesse Capps and Jesse Fullen.

"I am Fat Jesse and he is Skinny Jesse," Fullen says of Capps. "I am Good Jesse and he is Evil Jesse."

Capps does not correct him. Instead, he responds with this:

"I own his wife, for the record."

Now here is where you need to decide which is more evil, owning someone else's wife or losing custody of your wife in a bet.

Here is what happened. The two Jesses made a friendly wager a while back. When it came time to settle, Capps asked Fullen what the prize was. Fullen responded that it was his wife.

So now Capps "owns" Fullen's wife, who is aware of the arrangement and as fine as she can be in such circumstances. This is where things take a turn though. Turns out the winner of the bet was Fullen. Capps got the wife for *losing* the wager.

Apparently Fullen left that part of the story out for a good year or so before he decided to fill his wife in on exactly how things went down.

Now it is a battle not for a bride, but for chips and the temporary honor of Best Jesse, that is, until the next tournament starts. The two actually met at the Run It Up Reno event in October of 2015, so this is not the first time the two have gone Jesse vs. Jesse at the Peppermill and it probably won't be their last either.

 L to R: Brent Harrington, Jesse Capps, and Jesse Fullen

L to R: Brent Harrington, Jesse Capps, and Jesse Fullen