Eliminations: Andrew Cha First to Go, Melly Wang Out in 8th Place

 Ryan Leonis and Melly Wang

Ryan Leonis and Melly Wang

Event 1 $235 NLH Kickoff
Entries: 184
Players Remaining: 7

The final table is now down to seven players after the recent eliminations of Andrew Cha (9th place - $550) and Melly Wang (8th place - $680).

Cha lost most of his chips to Gary 'The Captain' Tighe after he called his all in with queen-jack, only to realize he was well behind king-jack. He was down to just a few big blinds and was eliminated quickly after that hand. 

Wang called a raise from chip leader, Ryan Leonis, and saw an ace-high flop. Leonis check-raised Wang's bet on the flop and they got it all in. Wang held ace-king, but to her disappointment Leonis flopped a set of nines and she had to settle for eight place. 

Here is a look at the results thus far: 

8th place: Melly Wang - $680
9th place: Andrew Cha - $550
10th place: Dave Spurr - $520
11th place: Lula Taylor - $500
12th place: William Fayant - $480
13th place: Michael Clark - $405
14th place: Scott Hoffer - $405
15th place: Robert Luebkeman- $405
16th place: David Lander - $405
17th place: Adam Bishop - $330
18th place: Joshua Shafer - $330
19th place: Vincent Newland - $330
20th place: Rob Fitzgerald - $330
21st place: Brett Gordon - $330
22nd place: Jeremy Jusak- $330
23rd place: Stephen Roselius - $330
24th place: William Schrader - $330
25th place: Eli James - $300
26th place: William Watchman - $300
27th place: Michael Flores - $300
28th place: Derek Gomez - $300
29th place: George Geros - $300
30th place: Jimmy Cappucci - $300
31st place Joseph Rando - $300
32nd place: Kerry Chun - $300