Bad Beat Jackpot Hits in the Poker Room!

Bad beat jackpots are supposed to be rare occurrences. The chances of someone making quads only for someone to make better quads are far less than one percent. Throw in the fact both players have to play both of their hole cards, the action must get to the river, and there must be at least $20 in the pot and the chances of hitting it only get slimmer.

Yet, Peppermill Poker Room Manager Mike Nelson says every single time Run It Up has visited Reno, the bad beat jackpot has hit.

Today was no exception.

Run It Up had barely invaded Reno when someone in the cash games downstairs made quads only to have their opponent make better quads.The table split the $5,000 jackpot, with the loser of the hand taking the most, the winner taking the next largest chunk, and everyone else at the table pocketing $250 extra bucks.

Run It Up's own Reuben Bresler was at the table and picked up $250 bucks and also snapped a photo of the action for posterity's sake: