6-Max PLO Prizepool Info

Now that players are back from break and registration is officially closed, here is a look at the payouts for Event #2. It is another increase in field size over October with 90 total entries, generating a $9,000 prizepool. The top 14 finishers make the money and the winner will take home $2,300 and, of course, the trophy.

Run it Up Reno Event #2: $125 6-Max PLO
Registration Closed

Total Entries: 90
Players Remaining: 44

Total Prizepool: $9,000
Places Paid: 14

1st place: $2,300
2nd place: $1,585
3rd place: $1,150
4th place: $850
5th place: $600
6th place: $435
7th-8th place: $355
9th-10th place: $285
11th-12th place: $225
13th-14th place: $175