A Chip and a Trophy! Tutu Wins the Deepstack Event!

Chip Tutu is our Deepstack Champion!

Chip Tutu is our Deepstack Champion!

$125 NLH Deepstack

The tournament ended in a five-way deal with Tutu getting the trophy and the biggest payday of $2,175. Everyone else earned $1,125. This is Tutu's second RIU trophy and the second one to come on the final day of the series.

"I am a last day specialist," Tutu joked after the victory. The New Yorker is a semi-professional poker player who has been at every Run It Up Reno except for the first one.

"Jason kind of got me on the hook because two series ago I won two Main event seats, so I had to come back last time and I made the final table, so then I had to come back for this time to use the other one."

Tutu readily admits that he would have come either way though, as this is an experience he enjoys taking part of twice a year.

Congratulations to everyone on their deep runs!

Here's a look at the final results:

1st place: Chip Tutu - $2,175
2nd place: Dakota Allinson - $1,175
3rd place: Stephen Nahm - $1,175
4th place: Susie Peterson - $1,175
5th place: Roy Peters - $1,175
6th place: Cindy Crawford - $1,175
7th place: Jed Hoffman - $425
8th place: Jonny Gomez - $325
9th place: Christopher Neiman - $250
10th place: Matt Wolthers - $250
11th place: Kevin Hess - $250
12th place: Jovanny Jayne - $250
13th place: Bill Watchman - $200
14th place: Timothy Kuss - $200
15th place: Adam Johnson - $200
16th place: Floyd Achtzehnter - $200