Jason Daniele Takes Down 3-Card GUTS for His Third RIU Trophy!

 Jason Daniele defeated Jason Somerville heads up for this third Run it Up Reno trophy!

Jason Daniele defeated Jason Somerville heads up for this third Run it Up Reno trophy!

$125 3-Card GUTS

Jason Daniele is the winner in the $125 3-Card GUTS event for $1.625! Our fearless Run it Up leader, Jason Somerville, takes second place for $1,100 after an epic heads-up battle. Both players doubled each other up more than once, with Daniele being the eventual winner after a hard-fought battle. Daniele is the second three-time champion in RIU history, collecting his third trophy of the series! Somerville also has four deep runs this series, finishing in 11th, 5th, 3rd and now 2nd. Congratulations to both players!

The final hand went down with Daniele shoving and Somerville calling off his remaining 100,000 chips. 

Daniele: [kh7h7d]
Somerville: [qhth7c]

The flop came [4h2h] and both players picked up a flush draw, with Daniele holding the best of it. The turn was the [ts] and Somerville caught up with a pair of tens, but the river was the [6h] and Daniele made his flush, eliminating Somerville in second place.

The final table of nine started out with Jason Somerville leading the way, holding a quarter of the chips in play. Bill Watchman was the first to go in ninth place for $175. He was extremely short and got it in with [adqs2s] against Daniele's [kskc5c]. The board ran out dry and Watchman was eliminated. 

Eighth place belonged to Harry Corvese after he lost a flip with tens against Somerville's AxKx. Somerville made trip aces and Corvese had to settle for a payday of $205. Next to go was Ryan Leonis in seventh place ($255). He was short and got it in with [ac7c3c], but Joe Rando held [jhjd9h] and flopped top set to end it. 

Our sixth place finisher was Travis Downton for $330. Downton was slightly behind Somerville's pocket tens and couldn't get there on a king-high board. Brent Taylor was next in fifth place for a payday of $445. Taylor held six-high in his hand and couldn't catch up to Max Brown who made a pair of queens to eliminate him. 

Max Brown was eliminated shortly after in fourth place, taking home $580 for his run. Daniele held pocket nines and Brown was unable to catch up. Finally, third place went to Reno's own Joe Rando for $785. He got it in with a pair of black fours, but Daniel out-flopped him with ace-king suited.

Congratulations to everyone on their deep runs!

Here's a look at the final results for this event:

1st place: Jason Daniele - $1,625
2nd place: Jason Somerville - $1,100
3rd place: Joe Rando - $785
4th place: Max Brown - $580
5th place: Brent Taylor - $445
6th place: Travis Downton - $330
7th place: Ryan Leonis - $255
8th place: Harry Corvese - $330
9th place: Bill Watchman - $175

 Jason Daniele and his supporters

Jason Daniele and his supporters