We'll See You In October!

Crowd gathers at the Thrilla final table

Crowd gathers at the Thrilla final table

It is always bittersweet when Run It Up Reno comes to an end. This week was filled with so many great moment, be it meeting and exceeding every guarantee, setting records in prizepools, launching a new $1,100 buy-in event, or just talking Survivor with Boston Rob and Tyson Apostol. As you can see from the picture, even railing a final table is an experience worth remembering.

There are plenty of great memories, but now is the time to start looking forward. We will be back at the Peppermill October 16-23 for another week of Run It Up antics. Given how much events grew this time around, there is no reason to think it won't be even bigger and better come autumn. Keep an eye on RunItUp.com and on Twitter (@runitupreno) for more info as we get it.

This series' Main Event was one for the record books. With 384 entries in the $600 buy-in event, it generated a $207,360 prizepool, the largest in Run It Up history. While we didn't hit the attendance record, the pace at which Run It Up Reno is growing, it is only a matter of time before we do.

The Main Event ended in a five-way deal involving Jason Somerville himself, appearing at his second final table after taking third in the Thursday Thrilla event. The chop saw the money pretty evenly divided, but chipleader Tim Tucker earned one of the three biggest payouts and the honor of the title and the trophy.

When it came to the winners of this Run It Up series, the theme of the week seemed to be pairs. We saw Jason Daniele win two events. We also had a day where two lovely ladies, Vanessa Kade and Deborah Vanneste, won the Knockout event and the Triple Stud respectively.

There were also a pair of father-son pairs. Both Aaron and Opa Schoch and Max and Eugene Zelensky used this time in Reno to both play a lot of poker and spend some time together.  For both sets, what was a great week ended up being even better. Max won the button and the Win the Button event, then a couple of days later, Aaron took down the 6-Max 5-Card PLO.

And, of course, the Partners Event by definition involves a pair, but we would be remiss if we didn't give a shoutout to winners Ryan Leonis and Max Brown, who partnered up after so many people confused one for the other that the two strangers became partners, friends, and co-RIU trophy winners.

Thanks to everyone who came out for such an awesome week. We can't wait to come back in October and hope you guys can't either. Until then, here are some of our favorites photos from this Run It Up Reno: