Steve Nevius Doubles Through Ivan Zarate

 Steve Nevius

Steve Nevius

Players: 9/284
Blinds: 20,000/40,000/5,000

Steve Nevius was under the gun and moved all in for his last 285,000. Jason Somerville was on the button and asked for a count but decided to fold. Action was now on Ivan Zarate in the big blind. He went into the tank for about a minute and eventually called. 

Nevius: [ad8d]
Zarate: [7h3h]

The flop came [7d5c4d] and Zarate flopped a pair of sevens with a straight draw, while Nevius still had two over cards plus a flush draw. 

"Come on. Diamond!" exclaimed Nevius. Sure enough, the [kd] hit the turn and Zarate was drawing dead to the [6s] on the river. 

Steve Nevius - 635,000
Zarate - 1,290,000