Shady Badran Ran Good to Win the 6-Max H.O.R.S.E. for $4,002!

Shady Badran takes down the H.O.R.S.E. tournament for $4,002.

Shady Badran takes down the H.O.R.S.E. tournament for $4,002.

$340 6-Max H.O.R.S.E.

Shady Badran has taken down the popular 6-Max H.O.R.S.E tournament after a heads-up chop with Paul Holder. Both players pocketed $4,002 for their deep runs tonight. Badran had almost a two-to-one chip advantage but they agreed to chop evenly if Badran got the trophy. 

This tournament had a $10,000 guarantee, which was surpassed as the total entries hit 50. There were eight spots being paid out, with a min-cash of $640. 

The final table of seven came together after Brent Harrington and Jeremy Lemrond were both eliminated at the same time and the two of them chopped eighth place for $320 a piece.

Kevin Gerhart was the first to go in seventh place ($640). He was down to just one small bet before the money and he spun his stack up to finish the tournament for a min-cash. He was eliminated by Zak G playing Hold'em when he got it in with [kdjh] and was called by [adkc]. Zak made trip aces and Gerhart was eliminated. Next to go was Chris Probst in sixth for $840 after he busted playing Omaha eight or better when he flopped a low draw with a couple of over cards. Zak G called with two pair and Probst couldn't catch up. 

Fifth place belonged to Nathan Van Felix, who was actually the chip leader at one point shortly after the final table began. He was eliminated playing Stud when Holder made a boat to send him to the rail to pick up his $1,150 payout. Aaron Schoch took fourth after getting his short stack in the middle playing Stud also. Zak G made a boat and Schoch was eliminated, earning a payday of $1,575. 

Three-handed play lasted a long while. Each of the remaining players held the chip lead at one point or another until Zak G was taken out in third by Holder. Zak held two pair, aces and tens but couldn't catch up to Holder who made trip fives by fourth street. Zak earned $2,150 for his third place finish. 

Heads-up play started with Badran and Holder making a deal to flatten the payouts a little bit ($4,500 for first and $3,505 for second). After a few hands, Badran started to trend upward and the two of them decided on an even chop, with Badran taking home the trophy. Congratulations!

We sat down with Badran for a few minutes to get to know him a little better. He is a college student studying Accounting, but plays poker six days a week. He enjoys cash games and mostly plays 2/5 NL and 2/2 PLO. He's been playing for 13 years now and lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Badran has been watching Jason Somerville's Twitch stream and said he enjoys the diversity of games available at Run it Up Reno. Based on his result today, we're sure to see Badran at another series in the future!

Great job to everyone on their deep runs tonight. Here's a look at the final results:

1st place: Shady Badran - $4,002 (chop)
2nd place: Paul Holder - $4,002 (chop)
3rd place: Zak G - $2,150
4th place: Aaron Schoch - $1,575
5th place: Nathan Van Felix - $1,150
6th place: Chris Probst - $840
7th place: Kevin Gerhart - $640
8th place: Brent Harrington ($320) and Jeremy Lemrond ($320)

Paul Holder (left) and Shady Badran (right) chopped the H.O.R.S.E. tournament for $4,002

Paul Holder (left) and Shady Badran (right) chopped the H.O.R.S.E. tournament for $4,002