Marie Gabert Wins the Big Ante Event for $2,150!

$125 NLH Big Antes

Marie Gabert has taken down the Big Ante tournament for $2,150 and a shiny gold Run it Up Reno trophy! She beat out eight players to snag the win and came into heads up play with a sizable chip lead over Alex Lavinthal who came in second place for $1,650.

A professional poker player from Carson City, Nevada, Gabert has booked her 18th career live win here at Run it Up Reno. She also owns a WSOP gold bracelet after winning the $500 Women's 7-Card Stud event in 1990 for $22,000 at Binion's.

Gabert says she played for years before she became a poker dealer. She later decided to play for a living and never looked back! She has 40 years of experience on her belt and plays in the WSOP every single year. 

Congratulations to everyone who went deep in this event!

Here is a look at the final results:

1st place: Marie Gabert - $2,150
2nd place: Alex Lavinthal - $1,650
3rd place: Nathan Manuel - $1,225
4th place: Deke Acosta - $925
5th place: Daniel Deveau - $725
6th place: Brian 'Big Bear' Weinstein - $550
7th place: Matt Nutters - $425
8th place: Lance Donnell - $425
9th place: Jason Daniele - $425
10th place: Brian Harvey - $325
11th place: Rian Mullins - $250
12th place: Kevin Hess - $250
13th place: Sander Van Der Sluis - $200
14th place: Jesse Capps - $200
15th place: Karl Bolir - $200
16th place: William Butcher - $175