An Orbit of GUTS!

Vincent Newland

Vincent Newland

Players: 20/21
Blinds: 75/150/25 ante

If you're in the Capri Ballroom, you'll know all of the noise and laughter is coming from the $125 NLH 3-Card GUTS tournament. They're having a blast playing this interesting new game, so we thought we'd hang out and blog an orbit with the loudest table. 

Seat 1: Travis Downton
Seat 2: Vincent Newland
Seat 3: Briann Fletcher
Seat 4: Brent Taylor
Seat 5: Dave Spurr
Seat 6: Frank Yaw

Hand 1
Action folded around to Newland in the small blind and he completed. Fletcher checked her option in the big blind. The flop came [8d6h] and Newland led out for 200. Fletcher called. The turn was the [2s] and both players checked to the river, which was the [8h]. Both players checked again. Fletcher tabled [tc9s6s] for a pair of sixes. "I had a straight draw too!", she said. Newland replied, "You're way good!" as she scooped the pot. 

Hand 2
Yaw called from the hijack, Fletcher completed from the small blind and Taylor checked his option in the big blind. The flop came [2d2h]. Fletcher checked and Taylor bet 300. Yaw folded, and before folding as well, Fletcher said, "I have a flush draw!" The entire table erupted in laughter, because in this game you can have three cards in your hand, including suited ones, and use all of them to draw to any five-card hand on the board. She mucked anyway, since the board was paired. 

Hand 3
Yaw called from under the gun, as did Downton from the hijack and Fletcher on the button. Taylor was in the small blind and raised to 1,025. Everyone kind of stared at him like he had six heads, and only Fletcher called. The flop came [9c4c] and Fletcher folded to Taylor's bet of 1,500. Taylor showed [adac2c] for a pair of aces and the nut flush draw. 

Hand 4
Action folded to Fletcher in the cutoff and she exclaimed, "I don't even know why I look at my cards!" as she called. The entire table laughed again, definitely having a good time learning the game. Taylor was on the button and raised yet again, this time to 750. Fletcher called. The flop came [qd7c] and Fletcher check-folded to Taylor's bet of 1,100, showing [thtc6h] for a pair of tens. "Is a pair good before the flop? I don't even know!" Taylor showed [asacjc] for another pair of aces.

Hand 5
"Green chip leader!" announced Fletcher, pointing to Taylor's stack as she limped in from the hijack. Taylor called from the cutoff, Spurr called on the button, Yaw completed the small blind and Downton checked his option in the big blind. The flop came [2s2d] and Yaw and Downton checked to Fletcher who bet 200. Everyone folded and she showed [qcqd8h]. As she raked in the pot Newland said, "I should've called with my deuce-three-king under the gun!"

Hand 6
Taylor raised to 400 in the hijack and Downton called from the small blind, as did Newland from the big blind. The flop came [7d4d] and all three players checked to the turn, which was the [2s]. Taylor and Downton checked to Newland who bet 500. Both players folded and Newland scooped the pot.

We hope everyone's having a great time playing this new game! Don't forget you can use one through three of the cards in your hand to make a five-card hand, and the general rules of No Limit Hold'em are still in play.

Keep following along on the blog as we play down to a winner in this last event of the Run it Up Reno series.