Lance Donnell Takes Down the Deepstacks Event for $2,800!

Lance Donnell_RunItUp2017_Abrego__AA02877.jpg

After a lengthy head-up match, Lance Donnell is victorious in the second-last event at Run It Up Reno! He defeated a tough competitor in Nathan Haynes, starting heads-up play with two thirds of the chips in play. He won a massive three-way all-in with ace-queen against Michael Faulkner and Nathan Haynes who both held ace-king.

In the final hand, Haynes got it in with two kings but Donnell had his favorite hand, five-four of diamonds, and flopped two pair to take the tournament down! Haynes pocketed $1,860 for his deep run.

This event began at 2:00 p.m. and ended with a total of 108 entries by the close of registration for a prize pool worth $10,800, just a bit more than double the $5,000 guaranteed. A total of 17 players made the money.

Here is a look at the final results for this event:

1st place: Lance Donnell - $2,800
2nd place: Nathan Haynes - $1,860
3rd place: Michael Faulkner - $1,260
4th place: Russ Schadler - $890
5th place: Adam Lifter - $640
6th place: Michael Cooper - $485
7th place: Jonny Gomez - $385
8th place: Anthony Rosa - $320
9th place: Andy Pok - $270
10th place: Louis Helm - $270
11th place: Jason Daniele - $250
12th place: Andrew Cha - $250
13th place: William Burns - $235
14th place: Chadwhicke Haynes - $235
15th place: Kyung Yoo - $220
16th place: Michael Trivett - $220
17th place: Joe Ogden - $210