Pablo Ortiz Gets His First Taste of RIU Gold in 3-Card NL Super Hold'em!

Pablo Ortiz_RunItUp2017_Abrego__AA02949.jpg

It's all over! Pablo Ortiz has taken down the final event in the latest Run It Up Reno series, defeating a worthy opponent in Dealer Stewart Eser! Ortiz wins his first ever piece of RIU gold, and pockets $1,505 for the win.

In the final hand, Ortiz called Stewart's shove with ace-four-deuce rainbow, up against Stewart's eight-seven-six of clubs. The board ran out clean and Ortiz celebrated by taking his shirt off and lifting the trophy among a loud and supportive rail.

Jason Somerville was eliminated in 3rd place ($645), with a final table that was absolutely stacked, with the likes of Joe Rando, Alex Lavinthal, Kevin Gerhart, Robert Peters, and Andre Hengchua.

Here is a look at the final results for this event:

1st place: Pablo Ortiz - $1,505
2nd place: Stewart Eser - $960
3rd place: Jason Somerville - $645
4th place: Alex Lavinthal - $455
5th place: Robert Peters - $335
6th place: Andrew Hengchua - $270
7th place: Joe Rando - $225
8th place: Kevin Gerhart - $205