Loren Klein Captures His Second RIU Main Event Title in One Year!

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Loren Klein managed to grab a second RIU trophy and another Main Event title tonight, collecting $46,300. Klein's career successes are not questionable. He has $1,642,014 in career live earnings and two WSOP bracelets.

Our first ever two-time Run It Up Main Event Champion started Day 2 of the Main Event as the overall chip leader after bagging 340,000 on Day 1A. A few hours into the day, he was the first to get over a million in chips followed by a downswing that left him with less than 500,000. This was only temporary though, as he soon after won a massive three-way all in with [Ac][Qc] against [As][Qd] and [Ad][Kh], turning a flush to steal the lead back.

Down to 12 players, our champion had more than third of the chips. His good run continued at the final table, where he was responsible for multiple eliminations, the last one being Andrew Cha, our main event's runner-up. Andrew Cha is a three-time Run It Up trophy winner. He entered Day 2 as the second leader, when he bagged 334,500 on day 1A.

Final table action:

Alex Epstein was the first to be eliminated at the final table when Klein's pair of sixes held against his [Ac][Kc]. Jeffrey Hetherington took 8th spot when Klein flopped a set against Hetherington's [Ah][Qh].

Jed Hoffman was the next one out. Jordan Spurlin eliminated Jed, when his [Ac][Kd] stayed ahead of Spurlin's [As][Qs].

The next player to head to the exist was Steve Kujubu. Steve Kujubu shoved with a pair of sixes and got called by Patrick Tardif who had [Kc][Tc]. Tardif, who was on a heater, managed to flop a king.

Timothy Burt followed them in 5th place when Klein made a straight with [Ah][5h] cracking Tim's aces.

The next player to join the rail was Jordan Spurlin, in 4th spot, when his pair of sevens couldn't hold against [Ah][Jc].

Down to three players, Loren Klein, holding a massive chip leader, started applying massive pressure on Andrew Cha and Patrick Tardif and shoving almost every hand. With a $10,000 difference between second and third spot, the play three-handed lasted for a while and Andrew and Patrick were fighting for second place money. Blinds got higher and their stacks got smaller, and eventually a move had to be made. Loren Klein shoved in the small blind and Patrick Tardif proceeded to call. Klein revealed [8d][7h] and Patrick showed [Ah][Th]. The canadian player was way ahead until Loren managed to river a pair of sevens to send him out.

From there, it only took a few hands to seal the deal. Andrew Cha only had 6 blinds left. Loren started shoving every hand, and eventually Cha found [Kh][Qc] to make the call. Klein tabled [9h][7d] but the way he was running, anything was expected. Indeed, he managed to river nine high straight to win the entire tournament.

Final Results:

1st place: Loren Klein - $46,300
2nd place: Andrew Cha - $31,700
3rd place: Patrick Tardif - $21,840
4th place: Jordan Spurlin - $15,180
5th place: Timothy Burt - $10,660
6th place: Stephen Kujubu - $7,590
7th place: Jed Hoffman - $5,500
8th place: Jeffrey Hetherington - $4,080
9th place: Alex Epstein - $3,090
10th place: Leo Wolpert - $3,090
11th place: Ryan Leonis - $2,670
12th place: Hayden Fortini - $2,670
13th place: Scott Hoffer - $2,320
14th place: Roger Vanvalkenburg - $2,320
15th place: Chris Lindner - $2,055
16th place: Anthony Hugenberg - $2,055
17th place: David Badolato - $1,810
18th place: Jason Somerville - $1,810
19th place: Jimmy Cappucci - $1,810
20th place: Alex Lavinthal - $1,810
21st place: Richard Crawford - $1,620
22nd place: Tony Piscitelli - $1,620
23rd place: Randall Caswell - $1,620
24th place: Garton Gonzalez - $1,620
25th place: Kevin Gerhart - $1,470
26th place: Paul Holder - $1,470
27th place: Simkha Blank - $1,470
28th place: Dino Gerry - $1,470
29th place: Ben Mohr - $1,360
30th place: Michael G - $1,360
31st place: Robert Mather - $1,360
32nd place: Dustin Fox - $1,360
33rd place: Miles Palley - $1,250
34th place: Thomas Brown - $1,250
35th place: Reddy Thondur - $1,250
36th place: Eric Nelson - $1,250
37th place: Samantha Abernathy - $1,250
38th place: Nicholas Kiley - $1,250
39th place: Kenneth Poer - $1,250
40th place: Keith Buggs - $1,250
41st place: William Butcher - $1,170
42nd place: Vincent Newland - $1,170
43rd place: Jesse Sylvia - $1,170
44th place: Kristin Kane - $1,170
45th place: Mark Dudley - $1,170
46th place: John Marcoux - $1,170
47th place: Ashley Sleeth - $1,170
48th place: Robert Reints - $1,170
49th place: Bill Watchman - $1,110
50th place: Zak Gilbert - $1,110
51st place: Rob McGurro - $1,110
52nd place: Leor Wasserman - $1,110
53rd place: Forest Collar -$1,110
54th place: Adam Labuga - $1,110
55th place: Lindon Sayre - $1,110
56th place: William Sconchck - $1,110
57th place: Christopher San Mateo - $1,060
58th place: Mack Taing - $1,060
59th place: Marc Lovin - $1,060
60th place: Alex Venovski - $1,060
61st place: Bo Umphrey - $1,060
62nd place: Chuck Hawkins - $1,060
63rd place: Ivan Terraza - $1,060
64th place: Adam Bishop - $1,060
65th place: Granville Abbott - $1,020
66th place: Matt Cardinalli - $1,020
67th place: Rodrigo Moreira - $1,020
68th place: Lisa Martino - $1,020