Newland Bubbles; Cappucci Survives With Crumbs After Declining a Bubble Deal

Level 10 - 800/1,600
Entries: 85
Players Remaining: 15

In a turn of events that had the entire tournament in stitches, Vincent Newland has bubbled Event #13 and all remaining players are now in the money.

Jimmy Cappucci was the only player to decline paying the bubble to avoid hand-for-hand play, and promptly got involved in a pot a few minutes later. Chris Lindner bet 16,000 on the river in 5-card PLO and Cappucci just called. Lindner had trip deuces to win the pot, but the funnier part about this hand was that Cappucci was still left with 800 in chips. Lindner thought the bet covered his stack but it didn't. The whole table erupted in laughter, assuming Cappucci was going to get punished for "max pain", as he put it, and be eliminated on the bubble.

In the very next hand, Cappucci was forced all-in from the small blind and Newland bet the pot from the cutoff. Jeff Chapman defended his big blind and they saw a flop reading [as8c5h]. Chapman bet the pot and Newland went all-in for less.

Cappucci: [adksjh5s2s]
Newland: [ackh7c6c4s]
Chapman: [kdqd8s7s4h]

Cappucci flopped aces up, Newland flopped a pair of aces and a wrap, and Chapman flopped second pair with a gut-shot straight draw.

The turn was the [3d] and the river was the [qh]. Cappucci's hand was good for the main pot, and Chapman improved to queens and eights to eliminate Newland on the bubble.

All remaining players are in the money and are guaranteed a payout of $205. Congratulations everyone!

Stay tuned for updates on the the final table.