Jordan Spurlin Binks Trophy #2 in the PLO/5-Card PLO Event for $2,335!

Jordan Spurlin_RunItUp2017_Abrego__AA01592.jpg

Jordan Spurlin has joined the two-time Run It Up gold trophy club after shipping the PLO/5-Card PLO event for $2,335. Spurlin took down the 8-Game Championship last October and adds another mixed tournament title to his resume.

Spurlin defeated Jeff Chapman, also a trophy winner, after coming in to heads-up play with more than a 2-to-1 lead. In the last hand of the tournament, Spurlin got it in with aces against Chapman's kings in 5-card PLO. The flop came ace-high with not much of a sweat and Spurlin locked up the pot on the turn.

This event attracted a total of 85 entries for a prize pool of $8,500 paying out 15 spots. Spurlin took home $2,335 for his win, and Jimmy Cappucci min-cashed for $205. The bubble was hilarious, as Cappucci declined a deal to pay the bubble. Shortly after, Cappucci called a bet of 16,000 on the river, leaving himself with 800 chips. He lost the hand and the whole table erupted in laughter as it looked like he was going to bubble. Vincent Newland got his stack in the middle and Cappucci somehow came out with two pair for the main pot and Chapman rivered two pair to bust Newland on the bubble.

Here is a look at the final results for this event:

1st place: Jordan Spurlin - $2,335
2nd place: Jeff Chapman - $1,490
3rd place: Cheng Lu - $990
4th place: Hayden Fortini - $680
5th place: Luke Hill - $490
6th place: Alex Lavinthal - $370
7th place: Joe Rando - $290
8th place: Robert Gullett - $290
9th place: Chris Lindner - $250
10th place: Chip Tutu - $250
11th place: Dorian Alello - $225
12th place: Isaac Leong - $225
13th place: Glenn Uchibori - $205
14th place: Brett Gordon - $205
15th place: Jimmy Cappucci - $205