Jason 'JCarver' Somerville Eliminated From the Main Event

Jason Somerville_RunItUp2017_Abrego__AA01610.jpg

RIU Main Event - Day 2
Level 21 - 8,000/16,000/2,000
Entries: 424
Players Remaining: 17

Jason Somerville was in the small blind and shoved his stack of about 200,000 all-in before the flop and Jeffrey Heatherington called from the big blind.

Somerville tabled [kc7c], up against Heatherington's [adqd].

The flop came [kdjs4d] and Somerville paired his king to take the lead, but Heatherington picked up some outs with a flush draw in addition to his lone over card.

The turn was the [3s] and the river was the [2d] to complete Heatherington's flush and send our fearless RIU leader to the rail in 18th place for his fourth RIU Main Event cash.