Tyson Doing Tyson things, Kevin Doing Kevin things...

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RIU Main Event Day 1B
Level 4 - 150/300/50

Kevin Gerhart opened to 750 under the gun. Arthur Goltz, in middle position, raised to 2,100. Tyson Apostol, in the big blind, called. Gerhart called as well.

The flop came [9c][6s][5x]. Gerhart checked to Goltz who bet 5,500. Apostol called and Gerhart called as well.

The turn was the [9s] and Gerhart shoved 16,000 effective, putting the other players all-in. Goltz made the call and Apostol called as well.

Gerhart tabled [7c][6c], Goltz showed [Qh][Qd] and Apostol revealed [9d][6d] for a full house. The river was a blank and Apostol took down the pot.

Kevin Gerhart - 33,000
Arthur Goldtz - 11,000
Tyson Apostol - 45,000