Three-way All In

Vince Mancino_RunItUp2017_Abrego__AA00556.jpg

RIU Main Event
Level 12 - 1000/2000/300
Entries: 176
Players Remaining: 52

The player in middle position opened to 4,400. The player in the cutoff, called. Nathan Manuel reraised all-in on the button for 31,800. Vince Mancino, in the small blind, called, putting at risk his last 13,300. The original raiser folded. The player in the cutoff, having both covered, made the call after a few seconds of reflection.

Vince Mancino: [Ks][Kd]
Nathan Manuel: [As][Jc]
Player in the cutoff: [7c][7h]

Manuel hit a pretty favorable of [Ad][9c][5h] but the [Kh] turn gave Mancino the lead back and the [9h] completed the board. Mancino won the main pot getting his much needed triple up and Manuel raked in the side pot.

Vince Mancino - 43,000
Nathan Manuel - 22,000