Leo Wolpert Eliminates Tyson Apostol

Leo Wolpert_RunItUp2017_Abrego__AA01269.jpg

RIU Main Event Day 1B
Level 10 - 600/1,200/200
Entries: 228
Players Remaining: 108

Leo Wolpert opened to 2,500 under the gun. The player in the cutoff called. Tyler Apostol, on the button, shoved for 12,700. Action folded back to Wolpert who made the call. The player in the cutoff let his hand go.

Leo Wolpert: [6c][6d]
Tyler Apostol: [Ks][Qh]

The board came [5d][7h][Jh][4c][8s] and Apostol was sent to the exit.

Leo Wolpert - 137,000
Tyson Apostol - Eliminated