Jason Somerville Wins Three-Way All In

Jason Somerville_RunItUp2017_Abrego__AA01218.jpg

RIU Main Event Day 1B
Level 10 - 600/1,200/200
Entries: 230
Players Remaining: 103

The player under the gun shoved his last 9,200.  Jason Somerville, in the hijack, called. Action folded to the big blind, who reshoved. Somerville snap-called, puting at risk his 76,600.

Jason Somerville: [Ah][As]
Player under the gun: [Ad][Jh]
Player in the big blind: [2c][2h]

The board came [Td][Ks][5s][Jd][6c] and Somerville raked in the pot, eliminating a player.

Jason Somerville - 163,200