Andy Pokrivnak Eliminated by Bruce Breckner

Andy Pok_RunItUp2017_Abrego__AA06897.jpg

RIU Main Event Day 1B
Level 2 - 75/150/25

Andy Pokrivnak opened to 400 on the button. Bruce Breckner, in the small blind, raised to 1,200. The big blind folded. Pokrivnak called.

The flop came [2s][Ts][7h]. Breckner bet 2,000. Pokrivnak three-bet to 5,500. Breckner stuck around with a call.

The turn came the [6s] and Breckner moved all in for around 17,000. Pokrivnak went deep into the tank and started talking to his opponent with a hope to get a read: ''I don't wanna bust Level 2! Are you gonna show me nines and piss me off?'' His opponent did not respond.
''Alright, I call'' continued Pokrivnak, putting at risk his last chips.

Breckner tabled [Jd][Js] and Pokrivnak commented: ''One or the other...'' before showing [Td][Jc]
The [4h] river completed the board and Andy Pokrivnak was sent to the rail.

Burce Breckner - 44,000
Andy Pokrivnak - Eliminated