Andrew Hurst Eliminated in 5th Place ($565)

Andrew Hurst_RunItUp2017_Abrego__AA00772.jpg

$125 6-Max Stud/Omaha 8 or Better
Level 19 - 10,000/20,000/6,000
Entries: 99
Players Remaining:

Andrew Hurst was short-stacked and Aaron Schoch raised on the button. Arthur Goldtz was in the small blind and called, and Hurst put in a third bet to move all-in. Shoch and Goldtz called.

Schoch and Goldtz both saw a river, with Goldtz moving all-in on the turn. Shoch called.

The board read [kcjs6h2c2s] and three hands were on their backs.

Hurst: [8c7h5h3c]
Goldtz: [asqsjc9h]
Schoch: [actd4s3s]

Goldtz held on to win with jacks and deuces and both Hurst and Schoch bricked their draws. Hurst settled on 5th place.