Tyson Apostol Has Heaps!

Eric Nelson_ Tyson Apostol_RunItUp2017_Abrego__AA00404.jpg

Event #10: $600 Main Event Day 1A
Level 7: 300/600/100

The player in middle position opened to 1,700. Tyson Apostol called, from one seat over, along with the player in the big blind.
The dealer spread a flop of [Ac][5c][3d]. The big blind checked. The player in middle position bet 3,500. Tyler three-bet to 7,000. The big blind folded. The player in middle position stuck around with a call.

The turn was the [Jh]. This time, the player in middle position checked. Tyson bet 9,000. His opponent moved all-in for 20,000. Tyson called. Tyson tabled [Ad][2d] and his opponent showed [Ah][Js], for two pair.
The hand was not over yet and the dealer slammed the [4h] on the river, giving Tyson a straight, to win the pot.

Tyson Apostol - 110,000