Tyson Apostol Eliminated in 2nd Place ($11,555)

Tyson Apostol_RunItUp2017_Abrego__AA09071.jpg

Thursday Thrilla
Level 20 - 10,000/20,000/3,000
Entries: 110
Players Remaining:

On a board reading [9s9h7h], with about 125,000 in the middle, Mall checked. Apostol shoved all-in and Mall called.

Apostol was at risk with [acqc], up against Mall's [7d5d] for two pair nines and sevens.

The turn was the [6d] and the river was the [ks] to send the pot to Mall. Apostol takes home $11,555 and a pocketful of bounties for his deep run today.

Mall is the Thursday Thrilla champion for $17,655, his first gold trophy and the Last RIU Warrior standing Main Event seat!

A full recap will be posted shortly.