Rory Brown Doubles Up

Rory Brown_RunItUp2017_Abrego__AA00385.jpg

Event #10: $600 Main Event Day 1A
Level 6: 250/500/100

Patrick Tardif opened to 1,150 under the gun. The player to his left called, along with Rory Brown on the button, and the player in the small blind.
The flop was [Ac][6h][8c]. The small blind checked. Patrick bet 1,800. The player to his left folded and Rory Brown called, along with the small blind.
The turn was the [7s] and was checked through to the [5h] river. The player on the small blind threw in a bet of 3,000. Patrick folded. Rory Brown, responded by moving all-in in for 22,275. His opponent went into the tank for a few minutes before making the call.

Rory Brown tabled [9c][7c] for a straight to the nine and his opponent showed [4d][6s] for a lower straight before sending his hand to the muck.

Rory Brown - 58,000