Nick Bozzuto Eliminated on the Bubble

Nick Bozzuto_RunItUp2017_Abrego__AA09538.jpg

Thursday Thrilla
Level 15 - 3,000/6,000/1,000
Entries: 110
Players Remaining:

Miles Palley shipped his stack of 90,000 in the middle from the small blind and Nick Bozzuto called from the big blind. Palley tabled [as8d], flipping against Bozzuto's pocket sevens.

The board ran out [tstc5c2sac] and Palley survived with a pair of aces on the river.

Bozzuto was left with 19,000 and lost he rest of his chips in the next hand. Jeff Gross opened to 18,000 from under the gun and Bozzuto called from the small blind. Bozzuto tabled jack-high, up against Gross' king-ten. The board ran out dry and Bozzuto was eliminated in 12th place on the bubble.

All players are now in the money, guaranteed a payout of $1,020.