Mo Baterdene & Andrew Cha Eliminated in 2nd place [$1,700]

Mo Baterdene_RunItUp2017_Abrego__AA07941.jpg

Event #9 - $125 NLH Partner Event
Entries: 97
Winner: Patrick Preston & Chris Linder
Runner-Up: Mo Baterdene & Andrew Cha


The chips went back and forth for a while before a team got crowned.
Mo Baterdene shoved in the small blind. Having him barely covered, Patrick Preston snap-called.

Mo Baterdene: [Kh][4s]
Patrick Preston: [Qd][Kd]

The flop came [Ad][8d][Js]. The dealer burned and turned the [6d] giving Preston his flush and Baterdene was drawing dead. The [Tc] river completed the board to seal the deal .

Patrick Preston & Chris Linder - Winner
Mo Baterdene & Andrew Cha - Runner Up

A full recap will be up shortly.