Alex Huot & Andy Camou Eliminated in 4th place [$805]

Andy Camou_RunItUp2017_Abrego__AA08953(1).jpg

Event #9 - $125 NLH Partner Event
Level 20 - 12,000/24,000/5.000
Entries: 97
Players Remaining: 3

Patrick Preston moved all-in on the button. Andy Camou, in the big blind, snap-called, putting at risk his last 100,000.

Patrick Preston: [Jc][Qc]
Andy Camou: [As][Qh]

''Jack!'' Screamed Preston! The flop came: [Ts][2c][Kd]. ''Or that!'' continued Preston.
The turn was the [Js] giving Camou a straight, but the [7c] river completed the board and Preston got his flush to eliminate Camou in 4th place.

Patrick Preston & Chris Linder - 590,000
Alex Huot & Andy Camou - Eliminated