Steve Dietrich Wins The $125 NLH Win The Button For $4,200

Steve Dietrich_RunItUp2017_Abrego__AA08907.jpg

Another Run It Up trophy winner was crowned tonight, as Steve Dietrich outlasted a field of 179 to win Event #7: $125 NLH Win the Button $5K GTD.

Dietrich is a resident of Lake Tahoe and plays poker as a hobby. It is his first Run It Up Series but he is having a pretty good one, since he cashed in the only other tournament he played, the $125 All in or Fold. He owns the PPC, an internet marketing agency.

Steve Dietrich came as one of the short stacks to the final table with only 50,000 in chips but went on a heater, scoring five eliminations at the table.

After Ryan Stevens busted in 9th place, Dietrich sent Andy Pokrivnak to the rail in 8th place when Pokrivnak ran his pair of sevens into Dietrich's pair of jacks. He then sent Thomas Brown out in 6th place when his [Ad][Th] stayed ahead against Brown's [Ac][7c] to boost his stack to 580,000.

Simkha Blank was the next to go in 5th place when Dietrich's pair of nines held against Blank's [Ah][4c]. He continued to crush, eliminating Tony Wimer in 4th place, when Wimer put his last chips in the middle with [As][9h] against Dietrich[Qc][6d] who managed to hit a queen on the board.

Dietrich quickly found himself heads-up against Matthew Staples, who started the final table as a massive chip leader. Both young players had very close stacks but that changed quickly after they got it in on an ace-high board with two hearts. Dietrich held ace-queen while Staples tabled a flush draw. The board bricked out and Dietrich didn't take long to finish the job two hands later. Staples was down to his last 60,000 and moved in with [8h][7s] against Dietrich's to [Tc][5c]to take second place.

Here is a look at the final table results:

1st place: Steve Dietrich - $4,200
2nd place: Matthew Staples - $2,820
3rd place: Bob Schulhauser - $1,920
4th place: Tony Wimer - $1,340
5th place: Simkha Blank - $955
6th place: Thomas Brown - $700
7th place: Sam Warren - $535
8th place: Andy Pokrivnak - $420
9th place: Ryan Stevens - $340

Notable players to make the money but didn't make the final table include Twitch Streamers and PokerStars Pro Jeffrey Gross, and Randy Lew. Among the familiar faces that did not cash were Melly Wang, Vincent Newland, and Brett Collson.
Here is a look at the final results of this tournament:

1st place: Steven Dietrich- $4,200
2nd place: Matthew Staples- $2,820
3rd place: Robert Schulhauser- $1,920
4th place: Tony Wimer- $1,340
5th place: Simkha Blank- $955
6th place: Thomas Brown- $700
7th place: Sam Warren- $535
8th place: Andy Pokrivnak- $420
9th place: Ryan Stevens- $340
10th place: Cynthia Crawford- $340
11th place: Kevin Gerhard- $305
12th place: Frank Holguin- $305
13th place: Randy Lew- $275
14th place: Isaac Leong- $255
15th place: Albert NG- $255
16th place: James Capucci- $255
17th place: Nathan Manuel- $235
18th place: Eric Goldstein- $235
19th place: Daniel Spring- $235
20th place: Aaron Schoch- $235
21st place: Anthony Rosa- $220
22nd place: Gregory Naaden- $220
23rd place: Ciprian Tutu- $220
24th place: Anthony Nguyen- $220
25th place: Leon Wasserman- $210
26th place: Wesley Cutchall- $210
27th place: Jeffrey Gross- $210
28th place: Andrew Cha- $210