Adam Klein Makes Surprise Appearance at Survivor Viewing Party

Survivor Podcast_RunItUp2017_Abrego__AA08663.jpg

As if getting to hang out with Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach wasn't good enough, Adam Klein, the winner of season 33 of Survivor, ended up joining us tonight.

The show was extremely interesting as it was by far the most explosive outcome of the Tribal Council.

The podcast followed at 9 p.m. and we got you some feedback.

Rob Cesternino started by asking Stephen Fishbach what he thought about Jessica's play to which he replied: ''Jessica played poorly and gave her advantage to the wrong player. She removed the swing vote.''

Rob continued by asking him if Joe was playing well and what he thought about this round to which Fish answered: ''Working backwards, he made the correct call. Joe did do a good job, he managed to get the votes to himself''

Soon after, Adam joined the stage joining both contestants and when Rob asked Adam what he thought about the episode, he replied: ''Devon found himself between two pair. Joe pushed him away enough that he knew he wasn't on his side going into the Tribal Council.''
Adam was later asked what he thought about the advantage, and his answer was: ''From a show perspective, the advantage is fine but let's be clear this is a disadvantage. Any advantage of making an enemy is NOT an advantage.''

The podcast lasted an hour and once over, everybody headed to the Karaoke Party for some fun!