Randy Lew is Bustonoko in the Thrilla

Randy Lew_RunItUp2017_Abrego__AA09007.jpg

Thursday Thrilla
Level 10 - 800/1,600/200
Entries: 110
Players Remaining: 39

Randy Lew was just seen getting up from the table after being eliminated at the hands of Marty Gorenc. The dealer mucked Lew's jack-seven off suit on a board reading [9s6s4hthqh]. Lew had shoved on the flop and Gorenc called with [kh9h]. By the end of the hand, Gorenc made a flush to eliminate the Pokerstars Pro.

Gorenc asked, "Randy, will you sign my bounty chip?" Lew laughed.

Marty Gorenc - 80,000
Randy Lew - Eliminated