Max Brown Gets Saved by the River

Max Brown_RunItUp2017_Abrego__AA07925.jpg

Thursday Thrilla
Level 2 - 75/150/25
Entries: 78
Players Remaining: 73

With about 2,500 in the pot, on a board reading [Jd7d5dAh], Max Brown checked from the big blind. Fatima Nanji was under the gun and bet 1,500. Brown paused for a moment and check-raised to 5,000. Nanji peered over to see how much Brown had behind and after about a minute, moved all-in. Brown didn't look happy but called for his last 11,000 anyway.

Brown was at risk and tabled [AdJc] for two pair aces and jacks with a redraw to the nut flush. Nanji tabled [6d4d] for a flush. Nanji also had an open-ended straight flush draw, taking away two outs from Brown.

The river was the [js] and Brown improved to a full house to double through.

Max Brown - 25,000
Fatima Nanji - 11,000