Matthew Staples Busts in 2nd place [$2,820]

Matthew Staples_RunItUp2017_Abrego__AA08726.jpg

After losing a big pot with [Kd][8C] versus Steve's Dietrich's [As][Qc], Staples only had 60,000 left. He moved all-in in the small blind and got snap-called by Steve Dietrich.

Steve Dietrich: [Tc][5c]
Matthew Staples: [7s][8h]

Staples hit a pretty favorable flop of [6d][4h][7c] and was hoping to survive. The turn came the [4d] and Staples was still good until the dealer slammed the [Tc] on the river sending Staples out in second place and making Dietrich the champion of the $125 NLH Win the Button. A full recap of the tournament will be up shortly.

Matthew Staples- Runner Up
Steve Dietrich- Winner